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Cabo Rojo

Family & Budget Friendly… Authentic Laid Back Island Life… Excellent Destination for Nature Lovers...

Cabo Rojo is a municipality of Puerto Rico situated on the south west corner of the island. Ask any Puerto Rican about Cabo Rojo and they’ll most likely tell you that this beach town is a favorite family vacation destination.   Cabo Rojo offers great beaches, affordable family owned restaurants with fresh seafood served daily, golf, excellent tarpon and deep sea fishing, a natural reserve with educational attractions for the whole family, and scenic hiking / bicycling trails.


Due to its large wildlife reserve many areas are still green and free of development, giving residents and visitors various places to enjoy fun outdoor activities while connecting with nature.  Cabo Rojo is one of the preferred locations to purchase an investment / vacation home due to reasonable real estate prices, low crime, its beches, island location and services.  Caborrojeños (locals) are warm, friendly, and helpful, you’ll feel right at home here.

The “Pueblo of Cabo Rojo” (center town) is a colorful, lively and inviting place that has retained a very traditional feel.  At the center of the town you can visit the active plaza (square), where friends gather to play dominoes, have a cup of coffee, and have dinner al fresco to the sounds of salsa, old ballads and jazz.


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